Stavi Sol is a jewelry brand created and run solely by creative director and designer, Maya Stav. Stavi Sol is based in sunny San Diego, California with the passion to bring beautiful, high quality, affordable jewelry for the every day you! Made from the highest quality gold filled materials, Stavi Sol products are both much less tarnishable than gold-plated and vermeil jewelry, and so much more affordable than solid gold! Best of both worlds! The jewelry pieces are designed with different lengths and styles to be worn either individually or alongside other Stavi Sol products!

Much of the inspiration behind Stavi Sol jewelry comes from the creative designer's years of traveling throughout the globe. Prior to opening Stavi Sol, Maya spent much of her free time traveling through nearly thirty countries, immersing herself into different cultures, aesthetic preferences, environmental settings, and more. The stories, people, and experiences met along the way are significant inspirations for many of our designs.

Each piece is handcrafted and made to order! Maya’s mission is to create jewelry that both makes the wearer feel beautiful, while also reminding them they already are. While Stavi Sol jewelry is carefully designed to create timeless pieces, each of these pieces holds a special meaning for the wearer as an on-the-body reminder of their own individual value and worth, (specific meanings are in Description of each Stavi Sol jewelry product). Wanting to connect must-have jewelry with the promotion of self and selfless love, Maya created Stavi Sol.